Tanzanite Color and Grading


Tanzanite is largely graded by color quality and degree of saturation. The depth of color ranges from Exceptional to Pale, with a 'B' or 'V' indicating a blue or violet hue. The deeper the color, the rarer the tanzanite. Larger stones are frequently darker and it is highly unusual to find an intensely saturated stone under 5 carat’s in weight.



Clarity refers to any natural flaws and inclusions in a tanzanite gemstone. Tanzanite ranges from Eye Clean to Heavily Included. The less natural inclusions are visible in the tanzanite, the more valuable it is.



Cut refers to a gemstone's brilliance, proportions and finish. An 'Excellent' cut ensures that the stone's facets reflect light to create maximum brilliance. The more precise the craftsman's cutting, the more valuable the gemstone becomes.


Carat Weight

Carat Weight is the term used to measure a tanzanite's weight. One carat has 100 points and weighs 1/5 of a gram. Two seemingly identical tanzanite's will have different Carat Weights if they vary in depth.