Tanzanite Investment

Tanzanite Investment


At GemstoneTanzanite.com we specialize in Tanzanite precious gemstones and jewelry. We buy as direct from the mining source as possible and consider every product we sell an investment opportunity. Whether you are looking for Tanzanite jewelry or individual Tanzanite gemstones, we think you should get below market prices for an appreciating asset. As with many of our pieces, if you just happen to fall in love with it's brilliance, style or setting we consider that an added plus.

Listen to what others have to say...

"Tanzanite is used as a gemstone, and naturally-formed tanzanite is extremely rare, still found only in the Mererani Hills."1
"Thanks to its unusual aura and the help of the New York jeweller's Tiffany, it has rapidly become one of the most coveted gemstones in the world." 2
"The price of Tanzanite has obviously risen due to the ratio of supply and demand (and can only continue to do so) with high grades of Tanzanite gemstones selling for as much as US$1,200 per carat." 3
Tanzanite is so hot, it was the first gemstone added to the birthstone list since 1912 by the American Gem Trade Association.” 4
American Gem Trade Association

Here is a quote directly from Tanzanite One


Experts estimate that our Tanzanite deposits will have run out in 30 years. However, as we mine deeper the cost and difficulty of mining increases - so supply may end earlier."

Tanzanite One, the last major Tanzanite mine (Block C), is now mining up to 900 meters deep and claims to be the deepest purely gemstone mine in the world. Once the Tanzanite in this mine is depleted you can expect a permanent spike in Tanzanite prices similar to Russian Alexandrite.


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