Tanzanite South Africa Mines

The Tanzanite Mines of Melani consist of a small strip of Tanzania only 2 km to 8 km wide, divided into only 4 blocks. TanzaniteOne holds the license to block C of these mines.

The remaining blocks are mined by an estimated two thousand local miners who mainly extract the tanzanite gemstones using simple, non-mechanised methods.

Merelani is the world's only known source of Tanzanite in the world as of now.

TanzaniteOne is a leading miner of the gemstone, Tanzanite, with advanced onsite faceting and polishing facilities. Combined with distribution and manufacturing partnerships held with prestigious international gem and jewellery companies, this allows TanzaniteOne to support and influence the entire Tanzanite chain, from mine to market.
To continue being the world’s leading Tanzanite Mining Company requires constant evaluation and improvement of processes to ensure safety, profitability and social responsibility. TanzaniteOne is a fully owned subsidiary of Richland Resources Ltd.